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SOLD OUT ! 12/01/2017

Torres Cantera Club & Condominiums

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We are all very excited to be introducing to you this new project located in the community of La Paz, BCS, Mexico. We believe that this new community will be a great look at how a few people with a little imagination can really go above and beyond the norm and create a very special community. A community up to date and built with TODAYS clients needs and wants in mind. In the hustle and bustle of everyday lives now we find our clients want more and more amenities and services that will make their lives easier. Torres Cantera will fill those needs and offer our clients a wonderful living atmosphere that will be hard to find in any home in the world. First class amenities for all our owners while keeping the prices very affordable for all types of investors… Truly a winning combination that will be make Torres Cantera a wonderful new community located in our home town of La Paz.

This development will offer a secure gated community feel while enjoying an un-interrupted and expansive view of the entire bay of La Paz, perfectly situated to take in the sunsets and lights of the city and the incredible Mogote or the surrounding mountain sides.

Torres Cantera will offer our clients 4 different condominium combinations on each level. A well situated studio with large terrace, a very intelligently designed 1 bedroom with large terrace. 2 two bedroom plans with one being a little larger and featuring an option to be converted to a 3 bedroom.

All condominiums and common areas have a great view with the upper floor views being literally breath taking.

Torres Cantera residents will enjoy living in this 100% private ownership community while living in a club type full service atmosphere.

These outstanding amenities located throughout the community and its multiple terraces will include a large fully equipped gym, theater for private showings, 2 separate large pools 1 being for adults and 1 being for children , Jacuzzi, Restaurant , sports bar with entertainment room for games , spa , BBQ areas , beach volley ball court, fire pit . Combined with 24 hour security, gated community and a short walk down to the malecon.

Of course don’t forget the Alttus home owners club where all our owners enjoy the benefits of local shopping discounts, Quads in La Ventana, fishing discounts and more to come...

Please take a chance to review our previous developments and ask about our owners clubs that we can give you a temporary pass code to review the benefits.

Condominiums will be starting in the price range of $70,000 USD and fully refundable reservation deposits will be accepted to reserve a condominium at any time.

Some of the standard construction features

  • Concrete structure (block walls)
  • Black Aluminum windows
  • Tintex grey glass windows
  • Cantera exterior feature walls
  • Durable interior paint
  • Matching electric accessories
  • 40cm X 40cm Ceramic tile floors
  • Solid pine doors (design according to renders)
  • Solid Pine wood kitchen
  • Open Walk-in-closet
  • 4-burners Vitro ceramic range top
  • Electric water heater
  • Recessed lighting
  • Bathrooms white sink
  • Bathrooms laminated counters
  • Stainless steel
  • Kitchen sink
  • Kitchen hood
  • A/C units
  • Ceramic tile shower area
  • Chromed bathroom accessories
  • Chromed lever faucets
  • Matching toilets
  • Italian design pine wood closets
  • Laminated kitchen countertop
  • Water conservation system
  • Intercom system



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Tower A

Condo Area Availability
A 10189 m²SOLD!
A 10262 m²SOLD!
A 10352 m²SOLD!
A 104104 m²SOLD!
A 20189 m²SOLD!
A 20262 m²SOLD!
A 20352 m²SOLD!
A 204104 m²SOLD!
A 30189 m²SOLD
A 30262 m²SOLD!
A 30352 m²SOLD!
A 304104 m²SOLD!
A 40189 m²SOLD!
A 40262 m²SOLD!
A 40352 m²SOLD!
A 404104 m²SOLD
A 50189m ²SOLD!
A 50262m ²SOLD!
A 50352m ²SOLD!
A 504104m ²SOLD!
A 60189m ²SOLD!
A 60262m ²SOLD!
A 60352m ²SOLD!
A 604104m ²SOLD!
A 70189m ²SOLD!
A 70262m ²SOLD!
A 70352m ²SOLD!
A 704104m ²SOLD!
A 80189m ²SOLD!
A 80262m ²SOLD!
A 80352m ²SOLD!
A 804104m ²SOLD!
A 90189m ²SOLD!
A 90262m ²SOLD!
A 90352m ²SOLD!
A 904104m ²SOLD!
PH189m ²SOLD!
PH2114m ²SOLD!
PH3104m ²SOLD!
MPH1120m ²SOLD!
MPH2115m ²SOLD!

Tower B

Condo Area Availability
A 105104m m²SOLD!
A 10652m m²SOLD!
A 10762m m²SOLD!
A 10889m m²SOLD!
A 205104m m²SOLD!
A 20652m m²SOLD!
A 20762m m²SOLD!
A 20889m m²SOLD!
A 305104m m²SOLD!
A 30652m m²SOLD!
A 30762m m²SOLD!
A 30889m m²SOLD!
A 405104m m²SOLD!
A 40652m m²SOLD!
A 40762m m²SOLD!
A 40889m m²SOLD!
A 505104m ²SOLD!
A 50652m ²SOLD!
A 50762m ²SOLD!
A 50889m ²SOLD!
A 605104m ²SOLD!
A 60652m ²SOLD!
A 60762m ²SOLD!
A 60889m ²SOLD!
A 705104m ²SOLD!
A 70652m ²SOLD!
A 70762m ²SOLD!
A 70889m ²SOLD!
A 805104m ²SOLD!
A 80652m ²SOLD!
A 80762m ²SOLD!
A 80889m ²SOLD!
A 905104m ²SOLD!
A 90652m ²SOLD!
A 90762m ²SOLD!
A 90889m ²SOLD!
PH5104m ²SOLD!
PH652m ²SOLD!
PH762m ²SOLD!
PH889m ²SOLD!
MPH3151m ²SOLD!
MPH4156m ²SOLD!


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